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Common causes of trucking accidents

Crashes with large commercial vehicles cause thousands of injuries and fatalities every year. These collisions have a variety of different causes. Distracted driving Between navigation devices, cell phones and the need to eat or drink, the cab of a semi-truck can be full of distractions that take drivers’ thoughts, hands or eyes away from the task of driving. Distracted truckers can easily drift across center lines, maintain an inappropriate following distance or drive at unsafe speeds. Driver fatigue The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has found that the likelihood of a crash...

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When to file a wrongful death claim

A sudden death from an accident at work, on the roadway, or in a public space is a devastating event for survivors and loved ones. It’s made even more difficult when that death was the result of another person’s negligent or intentional actions, in which case it’s considered a wrongful death. Wrongful death claims take shape when this criteria is met: The incident would have enabled a personal injury claim, had the person not died The defendant’s own negligence created a breach of duty that resulted in the victim’s death The damages the plaintiff seeks compensation for were directly caused...

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