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When can an Ohio car crash lead to a wrongful death lawsuit?

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2023 | Wrongful Death

Most car crashes in Ohio lead to insurance claims. State law requires every driver to register their vehicles and carry insurance. The liability coverage required by state law can reimburse others for medical expenses, property damage losses and income consequences triggered by a collision.

Despite the availability of insurance, a portion of collisions lead to civil litigation. Lawsuits are an option when someone suffers major injuries in a crash. Ohio law also allows surviving dependents to request compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit after a fatal wreck.

The average person grieving the death of a loved one would probably not relish the idea of airing their losses in family court. When and why do families sometimes choose to pursue litigation after a fatal wreck anyway?

When consequences are beyond what insurance can manage

Every driver in Ohio can invest in as much insurance coverage as they deem necessary. So long as they reach base levels of coverage required by state law, anything additional is completely voluntary. Many families will realize when looking at the financial impact of a deadly collision that insurance won’t even cover hospital bills. They may also have lost income and funeral expenses to cover. Wrongful death lawsuits are an option when families have major expenses and insufficient insurance available based on their estimated costs.

When family members need a sense of closure

Wrongful deaths occur because one party does something they should not or fails to do something they should. Ohio grants the option of filing a wrongful death lawsuit in scenarios where misconduct, default or negligence cause someone’s death. Especially if the circumstances were not egregious enough to warrant criminal prosecution, those who survived the incident may want justice from the courts. A successful wrongful death lawsuit will lead to the courts affirming the claims of the plaintiff that a business or person caused someone else’s death. That ruling can be invaluable to those trying to adjust to life without someone they loved.

It can be very challenging for those already experiencing profound grief to pursue a lawsuit. Families may have a hard time discerning whether their situation meets the standards established in state law and how much compensation they should request. As a result, seeking legal guidance may help people feel more confident about making informed choices about their options.