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Though life is filled with distractions, drivers must focus

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2016 | Distracted Driving

You are probably one of the millions of Americans who might have been screaming, laughing or shaking your head at the TV screen during the most recent presidential debate. This election is full of distraction and a daily distraction in itself. 

Distraction, however, has a time and a place. It might annoy your spouse if you are distracted during a dinner date or conversation. That is one thing. When someone is distracted while driving they are a safety risk. That is inexcusable, selfish and serious.

Distracted driving injures hundreds of thousands of people annually. Distraction isn’t just texting behind the wheel, either. For example, what if someone is listening to the radio in their vehicle and becoming heated about politics? Yelling at the radio most definitely can distract a driver and cause them to crash into someone or violate traffic laws.

It is hard for a driver to notice a red light if they are directing their attention towards a radio speaker. It is easy to rear-end a victim’s vehicle if a driver is checking email or texting someone on their phone. It is easy to become distracted while driving. Most importantly, it is illegal to drive while distracted. 

“I wasn’t looking,” is not a justifiable excuse if a driver causes an accident and injures someone in Ohio. It is a sign of negligence and that the driver could be held accountable through a personal injury lawsuit

There is enough drama and stress in the world. If a driver adds to your drama and stress levels through distracted driving, work with a car accident lawyer who can try to ease the stress.