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November 2016 Archives

Why doctors don't treat serious issues

Most people rely on doctors and medical professionals for help with serious medical conditions because they simply lack the knowledge base to make these decisions on their own. This can be problematic, though, when a doctor fails to treat an issue, dismissing it as nothing, when a patient feels that something is wrong. The patient may not want to second-guess the doctor or may trust him or her entirely, and the lack of treatment can then lead to a worsening of symptoms.

Texting and driving: Illegal and dangerous common practice

The rise of mobile phone technology has had many unexpected impacts on our economy, culture and society. While cellphones provide safety and security via the ability to connect with emergency services and pinpoint locations of those in distress, they have also created new problems. One of them, texting while operating a motor vehicle, can prove to be fatal for the text sender and those who share the road with them.

1 killed in electrical accident in Preble County

A single mistake on the job can cost lives, a fact proven by this case. The wife of an electrocuted worker has filed a wrongful death lawsuit following the death of her husband in Preble County. The man died on Oct. 16, 2014, when he was electrocuted as he helped replace a metal roof on an electrical transformer substation.

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