Month: January 2017

6-car crash puts girl in critical condition

A six-car wreck left a young girl in the hospital, in critical condition. She has a broken leg and bleeding around her brain. The girl was with her mother at the time of the accident, going to Long John Silver's to get lunch. It was about two o'clock in the afternoon. A number of cars had stopped at a stoplight when a 24-year-old man ran into the back of two of the vehicles in a Ford F-150. The impact slammed numerous cars into each other. The driver in the F-150 kept going through intersection, over the curb, and into the grass. Eventually he ran into a fence and stopped. Police say that...

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Sometimes doctors just don’t listen

There are many reasons for a misdiagnosis or a situation in which the doctor doesn't find the issue at all, overlooking a potentially serious problem. Sometimes the results are complicated, sometimes the lab mixes up the samples, and sometimes there are paperwork errors. However, there are also times when doctors simply don't listen to their patients. This also can happen for a variety of reasons. Doctors may be in a rush. They know they should talk to you more, but they're behind schedule and they sprint through the appointment to get it over with. Maybe the doctor is distracted. You're...

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12 million people misdiagnosed per year

Due to pain in your back and abdomen, you have been to see multiple doctors over the last several years. You have been diagnosed with everything from severe constipation to minor a back injury. You have undergone more than one surgery to fix the problem and been prescribed a multitude of different medications. Nothing seemed to help. You were eventually diagnosed with multiple herniated spinal discs and a tumor that sat on your lower spine. According to your current doctor, you condition should have been caught long before now. You had been receiving a different misdiagnosis from every other...

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Compensation goes beyond your medical bills

Another driver runs a red light, hits your car, and puts you in the hospital with serious injuries. Already, you know you may have a right to compensation for the instant medical bills that are accumulating. While that's a good place to start, you should know that you might also be able to get compensation for losses that go far beyond those bills. For instance, you could be disfigured after the wreck. While your injuries may heal, they could make it hard to get a job or keep your friends, and you could experience mental suffering and anguish as a result. Your life is drastically changed,...

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Landlord sued for $25 million after deadly fire

Tragically, four people passed away in a house fire in Akron, Ohio, in December of 2016. Now, the landlord who owns that rental house is being sued for $25 million. The lawsuit comes from the estates of two girls and their father. There were other people involved in the fire. One young girl, who was just 12, lived through the ordeal. She is not a part of the lawsuit, nor is anyone else who was there. At this time it's not clear if anyone else will start a separate lawsuit. News reports indicate that the two girls -- aged 8 and 9 -- and their father were living with their father's partner and...

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