Month: July 2017

How marijuana can affect driving skills

How does marijuana use affect someone's driving skills? Ever since marijuana began to be legalized for either medicinal or recreational use in various parts of the country, people have been concerned about what would happen on the roads as a result. Would cars full of stoned drivers turn the streets of the nation chaotic? As it turns out, the results are somewhat mixed. The good news: Researchers who have looked into accident statistics in the states with legalized marijuana have determined that the overall number of fatalities due to car accidents have remained unchanged since the drug...

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Asthma: A common diagnosis that just may be wrong

Asthma is a terribly difficult disease to manage, and statistics indicate that it's on the rise, particularly among children and adults of color. However, what if many of those people who are diagnosed and treated for asthma actually have a different disease instead? A recent study is causing a stir among the international medical community because it suggests that as many as one out of every three adult asthmatics are misdiagnosed. To confirm their theory, researchers weaned around a third of the study's patients off their asthma medications. The vast majority of those able to wean off the...

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Cheerleading is a top cause of catastrophic injuries in sports

Cheerleaders have long been a fixture at every high school and college football game in the country -- but cheerleading is no longer considered just a way of revving up a crowd's level of enthusiasm for a team during a pep rally or halftime. Cheerleaders have evolved into athletes in their own right and competitive cheerleading has become increasingly well-respected for the amount of sheer talent and technical skill it requires. Unfortunately, it's also one of the most dangerous sports in the country, requiring the young people involved to perform increasingly dangerous stunts and feats of...

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Is your injury catastrophic?

There are countless injuries a person may suffer, but some are undeniably more severe than others. Catastrophic injuries are those that seriously harm the victim, affecting many or all areas of his or her life. Catastrophic injuries can occur many ways — in car accidents, playing sports or workplace accidents, among others. In each case, it is important to properly prepare using all the information you can gather to ensure a strong strategy and fair resolution. If you believe you recently suffered a catastrophic injury, then you should seek medical care before doing anything else. Even...

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Ohio law changes the rules for drivers

Ohio's driving laws just got tougher and, if lawmakers get their way, the changes aren't going to be over. Studies have shown that more people are waiting until after their 18th birthday to get their driver's license. Those who do so get to skip the mandatory driver's education requirements that younger drivers face. As a consequence, there are a lot of first-time drivers out there who haven't had any safety classes on distracted driving -- and it's making the roads less safe. To curb the problem, the new rules require adult applicants for a driver's license to pass their test on the first...

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