Month: August 2017

Catastrophic injuries: Vision loss

One of the most catastrophic injuries someone can suffer in an accident is the loss of sight. Whether full or partial vision loss, the sudden upset to a victim's entire world is immediate and hard for everyone -- including friends and family -- to handle. It helps if you can try to understand what the injured, blinded individual is feeling -- as much as possible -- and learn what you can do to help his or her situation. What the blind person is feeling While everyone is unique, there are some common threads among those who suffer from any sudden, catastrophic disability: A sense of isolation...

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Understand the liability waiver in your personal injury case

If you've been injured in a car wreck, at some point you're likely to settle the claim out of court -- simply because it is quicker and cheaper for both sides to reach an agreement. If that's what is happening, you've probably had a similar experience to many other people in your position. You likely went through a painful period after the accident, with several months of treatment and healing. Once you ended your treatment, negotiations would have started. Negotiations may have been a little rough, but you and your attorney eventually came to an agreement with the insurer on an amount that...

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Educators have a responsibility to stop bullying in schools

Anti-bullying campaigns often look great on paper and a rally in support of a school's bullied "underclass" of students can feel very positive -- but they don't really do anything on a practical level to stop the actual bullies that kids face on a daily basis unless the administration steps in and gets proactive. Even the best-case scenarios for a bullied student are grim -- it can take years of counseling to overcome the effects of being bullied as a child. Occasionally, bullied children end up feeling so isolated and hopeless that they actually kill themselves. When a school fails to...

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How do you get around when an injury stops you from driving?

People who suffer catastrophic injuries in an accident to their vision, head, hands or feet often suffer from a problem that's not immediately apparent to anyone that hasn't already been there -- the loss of their freedom. For example, if someone loses the majority of his or her vision in a car crash, his or her lives can be disrupted in many ways -- but even after adapting to most of the changes, he or she is still faced with the loss of freedom. They may have been accustomed to hopping in their cars and driving wherever they wanted to go -- but now they have to figure out who they can call...

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Ohio feels impact of distracted driving in multiple accidents

Ohio's roadways are an important part of the nation's major trucking routes. This means that motorists should be especially careful while sharing the roadways with big rigs. Truckers, for their part, need to be equally cautious. Unfortunately, not everybody on the road seems to realize the dangers of distracted driving -- no matter how many warnings they're given. Three separate accidents occurred in just one evening on a small section of I-76 as a result of inattentive drivers. The first accident involved a semi-truck whose distracted driver didn't slow down when he came upon traffic...

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