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Who can I bring a claim for medical malpractice against?

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2019 | Medical Malpractice

In general, a claim for medical malpractice can be brought against a party that provides negligent treatment or care to the victim. Victims and their families may wonder, however, who exactly this refers to and should ensure they have answers to these questions if they have been harmed by medical malpractice.

The answer is that medical malpractice claims can be brought against a variety of medical care providers including hospitals, doctors, nurses, other medical care professionals and even pharmaceutical companies in some instances. Whenever a medical care professional has provided medical care that falls below the standard of care, they may be liable for medical malpractice and to compensate victims for the damages they have suffered. The standard of care is determined by the care provided by other reasonably prudent health care providers in the area.

In some circumstances, a hospital or other health care facility may be held liable for negligent hiring and the negligent actions of their staff. Medical malpractice claims can be complex which is why victims and their families may benefit from trained guidance through the process of making a claim for damages when they have been harmed by a health care provider. Damages that may be available include compensation for the physical, financial and emotional harm suffered by victims.

Medical malpractice damages can include medical expenses, lost earnings and pain and suffering damages. Bringing a claim for damages for medical malpractice is an important protection for victims who have suffered harm when entrusting their medical care to a hospital, doctor or other medical care professional.