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Avoiding a crash is possible: Remember these 3 tips

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2020 | Car Accidents

As someone who has to be on the road often, you know the risks. You see drivers who weave in and out of traffic in a hurry. You see people who struggle to stay in their lanes.

There are many reasons why people make mistakes on the road and put others (and themselves) at risk. Fortunately, you have some options for keeping yourself safer. With the following three tips in mind, you may be able to avoid a crash, even when others aren’t driving safely.

Stay out of the left lane

One of the best tips for avoiding a crash, according to Edmunds, is to avoid staying in the fast lane. The far left lane is called the “fast lane” because people often use it to speed past others. If you stay in the center lane, you’re actually giving yourself more options if you have to avoid a dangerous driver. You can use the right or left to pass, and you can quickly change lanes from that position.

Keep a solid grip on your wheel

Although it may not be as comfortable as other ways of holding the wheel, keeping a solid grip on your wheel at 9 and 3 o’ clock is a good way to keep control of your vehicle. This arrangement gives you the most control over your vehicle, so you can maneuver quickly.

Avoid night driving when you can

A good way to avoid crashes is to choose when you drive carefully. Driving during the day is safer, since everything is more visible.

These tips can help you stay safer while you drive. Remember, you can take steps to protect yourself, but others have to be responsible as well. If you’re hit, you may be able to seek compensation.