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Wearing high-visibility clothing while riding your motorcycle may save your life

On Behalf of | May 17, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you tell someone that you’re a motorcyclist, their next question might be about whether you’ve been in any accidents. People tend to associate riding a motorcycle with an enhanced injury risk.

One of the reasons why motorcyclists face such a high risk of injury is due to visibility issues. It’s not uncommon for motorcyclists to say that they didn’t see riders approaching them. Motorcycle riders can take measures to make themselves more visible to potentially minimize their crash risks.

How likely is it for a driver to see a motorcyclist?

The U.S. Department of Transportation previously published the Hurt Report in which they highlighted how 75% of motorcycle crashes also involved an automobile. Many of the drivers admitted to not noticing the oncoming motorcycle before striking them.

What can motorcyclists do to ensure that motorists see them?

A British Medical Journal study previously captured how researchers found that there was a 37% reduction in motorcyclist crashes when bikers wore high-visibility, fluorescent clothing. The study’s authors also determined that motorcyclists didn’t need to wear such clothing from head to toe. The researchers noted that their mere addition of a single brightly-colored item, such as a vest, shirt or helmet or a biker’s use of their headlights even for daytime rides made significant impacts in reducing crash rates.

The researchers also discovered that it’s more appropriate for motorcyclists to wear certain colored high-visibility clothing than others, depending on the time of the year.

You have options if a driver fails to see you

Intersections and curvy, poorly-lit rural roads are often where motorcycle accidents occur most frequently. Motorcyclists risk getting hit head-on or at a high rate of speed along these segments of roads.

Ohio law may allow you to hold a motorist liable if the negligent operation of their vehicle resulted in you suffering injuries. A personal injury attorney can advise those who have valid claims.