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The evolution of auto safety technology

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Auto technology has evolved over the years, especially when it pertains to safety. The first cars, of course, had very few safety systems at all. But that quickly changed, especially as the risk of injury or even death became very clear, and as cars themselves became more popular.

This led to the implementation of things like seatbelts and airbags. These are safety systems that are designed to protect a person from injury. If an accident occurs, these systems theoretically kick in and reduce the severity of those injuries. Wearing your seatbelt doesn’t mean you’re not going to be injured, but it does drastically reduce the odds that you would suffer fatal injuries.

How have things changed? 

It is true that things have changed over time, and that’s because the focus of technology has shifted. It is still aimed at safety, but it is less about protecting the people in the vehicle during an accident and more about preventing that accident from taking place.

A good example of this is how new cars tend to have sensor arrays on the outside that can provide information to the driver. The car can tell the driver if someone is in their blind spot, for example. There are even systems that can automatically apply the brakes if it detects a slow down in traffic ahead of a car. This could help to reduce rear-end accidents, perhaps even stopping a distracted driver from hitting the car ahead of them.

Together, all of these safety systems do what they can to mitigate the risk on the roads. But you can see from the accident statistics every year that there’s still a significant danger. Those who have been injured need to know what options they have to seek financial compensation.