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4 steps to take before you file your Ohio car accident claim

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2023 | Car Accidents

Like many, you may assume that the insurance company involved in your car accident and injury claim will do right by you. However, insurers are for-profit businesses, meaning they like to hold on to their profits whenever possible.

Even so, you can make the most of your claim and receive a payout that addresses your property damage and accident injuries. A few proactive steps before you submit your claim may help ensure you receive fair compensation.

Get a medical assessment

You need medical evidence to show how the crash affected your health and well-being. Even if you believe you need no medical treatment, always see a doctor and follow their treatment orders. This step ensures you know the extent of your injuries and provides valuable medical documentation.

Understand the law

Each state has unique car accident and injury compensation laws. For example, Ohio follows the at-fault accident model, while many other states have no-fault laws. Understanding the law in your region informs you of how best to proceed with your claim.

Know your rights

One thing many accident victims don’t understand is that they need not accept an unfair payout. You have the right to ask for more and to negotiate with the insurers. Often, a legal opinion can help you determine when an offer is unfair and guide you in getting what you deserve.

Check and double-check your claim

You want to do whatever you can to prevent delays or even a claim denial. Before you submit your paperwork, check it several times to ensure you have made no mistakes or omissions and have included your medical and other documentation.