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Take care when photographing the aftermath of a car accident

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2023 | Car Accidents

If you are in the hospital or nursing your car accident injuries from home, you don’t need anyone to tell you that crashes can result in severe injury. It is rare for victims to walk away from violent collisions with few or no injuries.

Of course, you expect fair compensation after another’s careless driving causes you harm. Unfortunately, when dealing with insurance companies, the onus of showing you deserve restitution may lie with you.

Well-composed images can help

Nearly everyone knows they should document the scene of a crash and the damage it caused, including injuries. You may think this means snapping a few pictures without much thought. Instead, aim for clear yet detailed photographs that paint a picture of the accident and its consequences. If you cannot photograph the scene, see if another can do so instead.

Close-ups and long-shots

Capturing small details of the crash damage can help, but you also need long-shots to show context. Take close-ups of specific damage and then pull back and take more pictures. Capturing the scene from different angles and perspectives is also a good idea.

Include traffic signs and signals

Sometimes, a photograph can show how a motorist caused an accident. For example, in a wrong-way accident, a single image may prove that the other driver could only have collided with you by driving in the wrong direction. Always take accident scene photos before either vehicle is moved or towed.

Document your injuries

Often, doctor and hospital records are sufficient to prove how a crash caused an injury. However, taking pictures of your physical injuries can support a doctor’s medical assessment. In cases where the insurer or the other driver refutes your claim, injury photos can help you prove your case.

With documentation, legal guidance and knowledge of Ohio accident and injury compensation laws, you have good odds of getting what you deserve.