Month: October 2016

ER errors can leave patients with permanent disabilities

Like every other state, Ohio emergency rooms are often organized chaos. Despite the efforts of the personnel who work in this environment, mistakes happen. When they do, patients can be left with permanent disabilities or could even die. Many victims of emergency room errors are sent home without an accurate diagnosis or the proper treatment. Once home, their conditions worsen. They can end up back in the hospital with a serious and life-threatening condition. However, misdiagnosis and improper treatment are not the only mistakes that can occur. In their haste to get to the next patient,...

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Avoid a Halloween nightmare–Secure your dog.

It's a much anticipated autumnal holiday. Who among us does not have memories of our favorite costume and Halloween school parade? Whether you were a princess or a Power Ranger, Halloween was the day you got to be your beloved alter-ego. But is there a down side to the holiday? Dog bites lawsuits are probably the most frequent cases brought under homeowner's insurance. They are also the most easily avoided. Take these tips to heart, and even Fido will have the best Halloween ever: For humans only: As much as you enjoy dressing Spot as a cowboy, most dogs do not enjoy being...

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Breast cancer needs proper, timely diagnosis and treatment

You likely know that we are in the midst of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Whether you have participated in a community event or noticed NFL players wearing pink on the fields, there are various signs around us that breast cancer is on the minds and hearts of people all over the country, including in Ohio.  Why is awareness so important? There are various reasons. Obviously, funds would go a long way to help find a cure for breast cancer. Another invaluable aspect of the awareness campaign and knowledge in general is to try to encourage people to identify and get proper treatment for...

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Though life is filled with distractions, drivers must focus

You are probably one of the millions of Americans who might have been screaming, laughing or shaking your head at the TV screen during the most recent presidential debate. This election is full of distraction and a daily distraction in itself.  Distraction, however, has a time and a place. It might annoy your spouse if you are distracted during a dinner date or conversation. That is one thing. When someone is distracted while driving they are a safety risk. That is inexcusable, selfish and serious. Distracted driving injures hundreds of thousands of people annually. Distraction isn't...

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Getting ready for driving in winter

Summer is now in the rear view mirror and winter is not too far away. While winter may be the last thing some motorists here in Ohio want to think about at this point in time, it can be important to do some planning for this upcoming season. This includes making some preparations for winter driving. Winter brings about many things that can present some significant challenges for motorists: extreme cold, snow, ice and a decreased amount of daylight hours in a day. These conditions can, in some cases, result in traffic accidents or vehicle breakdowns. However, there are things drivers can do...

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