Month: February 2017

Most distracted drivers know their behavior is risky

Smart technology has made everything easy, except for saying no. Numerous studies have found that drivers abhor texting and driving when they see it, yet most do it themselves. A new study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety backs up that finding: both in behavior and perception. Overall, 40 percent of drivers admitted to reading a text or email in the previous month, yet 78 percent called it "completely unacceptable" according to the survey. Just how common is distracted driving? The study separates its responses by age groupings and driving behavior, specifically inquiring about...

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Distracted driving has become a national problem

You probably see and hear a lot these days about distracted driving—and there's good reason for all the fuss. Distracted driving, often fueled by a combination of technology and the modern lifestyle, has quickly become one of the biggest dangers for drivers everywhere. What has move distracted driving into the forefront of the national consciousness? Perhaps it's statistics like these: -- There were 431,000 injuries and 3,179 deaths caused by motor vehicle accidents that involved distracted driving in 2014 alone. -- At approximately any given moment of the day in the United States,...

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False Alzheimer’s diagnoses devastate patients

Getting the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease is a crushing blow to patients and their families. The incurable disease that ravages fine minds and alters personalities is universally fatal, but not before it reduces patients to bed-ridden shells of who they once were. As bad as the diagnosis is, it is a medical reality that many must come to accept, or at least endure. But what of those who are falsely diagnosed with this onerous disease? That is the situation facing at least 50 residents in the Toledo area who were patients of a doctor at the Toledo Clinic Cognitive Center, an offshoot of...

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How pedestrians can avoid being hit by distracted drivers

At some point, everyone is a pedestrian. Whether you arrive at your destination via foot, car, train, plane, boat or bicycle, you will eventually be walking to your final destination. It is also at that point that you are most vulnerable to being struck by a vehicle. According to statistics compiled by the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission between 2010 and 2014, 2,579 pedestrians were hit by automobiles in central Ohio during those years alone. Out of those, 86 of those struck lost their lives. Pedestrians have the right of way at every crosswalk, whether it is marked or not. In cases in...

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Committee: Deadly bus-pedestrian crash could have been avoided

In Ohio, an RTA accident review committee investigated after a deadly wreck involving a bus and a pedestrian. The committee determined that the crash was avoidable and could have been prevented. As of the last reports, the driver had not been arrested or handed criminal charges. However, though the driver was first merely suspended from her job, she was later terminated entirely by the RTA. The accident happened at about 7:30 in the morning on Dec. 7. A 69-year-old woman was near Key Tower, attempting to cross the street. The bus was coming down East Roadway, and it then turned left to drive...

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Eating and driving is both common and dangerous

For some people, road trips and snacks, drinks and fast food all go hand in hand. However, as common as eating behind the wheel may be, experts warn that it's actually a very serious distraction that can lead to accidents. The first thing to understand about distracted driving is that there are three types of distractions. They are: -- Cognitive: These distractions make you think about something other than driving. -- Manual: These distractions make you take your hands away from the controls. -- Visual: These distractions cause to you to look away from the road. Many distractions only fit...

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