Month: May 2017

Driving blind: Do you know where your vehicle’s blind spots are?

Do you know where the blind spots on your vehicle are? Do you know when you're most at danger of hitting someone or something because of those blind spots? Blind spots are something that every driver has to contend with, no matter how carefully they aim their vehicle's mirrors or think their vehicle is designed -- and they're responsible for about 300 deaths and 18,000 injuries a year. Experts studied hundreds of popular vehicles and measured the rear blind zones for both an average-sized driver (at 5 feet and 8 inches of height) and a shorter driver (at 5 feet and 1 inch of height). The...

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What should you know about eating and drinking while driving?

The United States is a nation of commuters, and drive-thru restaurants encourage commuters to save time by eating on the go. However, many commuters are unaware how dangerous that morning cup of coffee or lunchtime burger can actually be. In fact, eating and drinking are two of the most common forms of distracted driving. The facts speak for themselves: -- One study found that drivers who are eating or drinking while their vehicles are in motion more than triple their odds of being in an accident. -- In timed studies, snacking reduces a driver's response time by as much as 44 percent....

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Be wary of these 6 summer roadway dangers

Most drivers look forward to the summer, because they can put the hazards of winter behind them for a while -- but summer may actually be deceptively dangerous when it comes to roadway safety. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that the two deadliest months of the year for drivers are July and August. What makes summer driving so dangerous? -- Inexperienced drivers It's no coincidence that July and August are also the deadliest months for teenage drivers, specifically. Since school is out, teens have more time to travel around and many are still relatively...

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Will this drunk driving law make Ohio roads safer?

Neighboring states with similar laws have seen their drunk driving-caused deaths decrease by 50 percent. Legislators hope that Ohio's new law -- affectionately called "Annie's Law" -- will do the same. Did you lose a loved one in a drunk driving crash? Perhaps he or she was the passenger in a drunk driver's car. Or, perhaps your loved one was riding in a car that got hit by a drunk driver. If a drunk driving tragedy happened to you and your family, you may be happy to hear about Annie's Law. The new operating a vehicle impaired (OVI) legislation went into effect last month. The lawmakers who...

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