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What is products liability?

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2018 | Products Liability

Products liability is an area of the law that can be complicated but is extremely important for victims of a defective or dangerous product or drug to understand. Unfortunately, thousands of victims are injured each year by dangerous and defective products and drugs which is why victims should be familiar with how products liability laws can protect them.

Consumers have the right to be safe when using everyday products. Products liability law holds manufacturers, sellers and others, in some circumstances, liable for the harm the dangerous or defective product they placed in the hands of consumers causes. All of those who are in the distribution chain for the dangerous or defective product may be liable for the harm it causes to consumers.

Product safety is a reasonable expectation of consumers and when a product is defective or dangerous, the product may not be considered to meet that ordinary expectation of the consumer, making the manufacturer, assembler, wholesaler, distributor and seller or retailer liable in some instances for the physical, financial and emotional damages the victim has suffered as a result. There are several different categories of defects and liability associated with each all of which are helpful for victims to also be familiar with.

When a victim has been unexpectedly harmed by a dangerous or defective product all they may be able to think about is how they are going to care for their injuries. Fortunately, products liability laws and personal injury claims for damages can help them determine what type of products liability claim can help recover compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering damages associated with the defective product.