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What are manufacturer duties to warn?

On Behalf of | May 31, 2019 | Products Liability

When a dangerous or defective product poses a harm to consumers, manufacturers of the dangerous or defective products may have duties to warn and other types of liability. Products liability law provides important protections for injured consumers who have suffered harm because of a dangerous or defective product.

In general, manufacturers must include certain information in warning labels. Manufacturers must warn consumers of hidden dangers of the product and must also instruct users so that they can use the product in a manner that avoids any dangers and allows for product safety. Warnings are required when the product presents a danger, when the manufacturer is aware of the danger, when the danger is present if the product is reasonably used as intended and when the danger is no obvious to a reasonable user.

When a victim is harmed by a dangerous or defective product and the manufacturer failed to fulfill its warning duties and requirements, it may be liable to the injured victim for the harm suffered. In general, a variety of parties may be liable to victims injured by a dangerous or defective product including all the parties in the chain of distribution of a dangerous or defective product. Injured victims may be able to recover compensation for their physical, financial and emotional damages from liable parties.

It is essential for victims injured by a dangerous or defective product to be familiar with products liability law and the ways it can protect them. Consumers should feel safe using everyday products which is why products liability legal resources are available to protect them.