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Changes with brain injuries are hard to accept

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2019 | Uncategorized

The trauma that a brain injury brings can be hard to live with. When your loved one is trying to navigate life after a moderate to severe injury, you might find that the uncertainties are almost as hard to deal with as the major changes. Your loved one might experience a variety of feelings that have to be sorted through at a time when they are learning about their new possibilities and limitations because of the brain injury.

One thing that can help people who are going through this is to have a strong support system. They need to know that they have people there who will help them and who won’t judge or look down on them. It can be hard for them to cope with the changes, so you should be prepared for a myriad of things to happen.

Feeling like a burden

Your loved one might feel like they are burden on the ones who are caring for them. They might not be accustomed to needing assistance so much. This change can be hard for them physically as they try to test the limits to see what they can do alone, as well as emotionally because they feel as though they are causing problems for people who want to help. Even if you try to reassure them that they aren’t a burden, they might still feel this way. Repeatedly reassuring them that you don’t mind helping is crucial.

Motor and processing difficulties

One of the main reasons why brain injuries are so hard for victims to handle is because everything they know can change. They might not be able to move in the ways they were accustomed to and they may have trouble processing things. The frustration that they feel with the lack of abilities they once had can be frightening. It might cause them to lash out. It isn’t easy to address this problem but helping them to see the things they can do is vital.

Unfortunately, a person’s financial status might have a part in how they are able to handle the impacts of the injury to the brain. Therapy and assistive devices can become costly. For this reason, it is valuable to seek compensation from the party that caused the accident that led to a brain injury.