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Accident rates go up in winter

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Although children may love to wake up to fresh piles of fluffy snow, winter precipitation is at best an annoyance for their parents. That is because digging out of snow and driving on weather-affected roads can be stressful and dangerous. The Ohio State Government offers drivers many useful driving tips to keep them safe and to avoid accidents when they must travel on roads affected by snow, ice and other forms of winter precipitation.

Drivers are encouraged to maintain their vehicles to avoid breakdowns in already difficult conditions. Filling up windshield fluid, getting scheduled and necessary tune-ups and replacing slick tires can all help drivers stay safe when they must contend with winter weather in their cars.

Following traffic laws is also a necessary part of keeping Ohio residents safe and out of harm’s way when winter weather occurs. Drivers who speed, follow too close and who engage in other dangerous driving practices may cause accidents that can be compounded in severity when icy or slippery roads are present.

Drivers who must travel during winter weather events should take precautions to keep themselves and their passengers safe if they become stranded in accidents during winter storms. Removing snow from exhaust pipes, using extra blankets and making vehicles as visible possible are all steps stranded motorists can take to protect the health and safety of themselves and other motorists.

Surviving a winter weather accident can be challenging, but drivers can take proactive steps to protect themselves when these events occur. This post does not offer legal advice.