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Why might a semitruck crash into you?

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Any motor vehicle could cause a crash, yet semitrucks can cause crashes far more devastating than other vehicles because of their size.

Their size can also make them more prone to crash. Here are some of the reasons to watch out for if driving around them:

They are longer

A truck driver cannot clear a junction as fast as shorter vehicles. Anyone on a motorcycle or in a car that misjudges how soon another vehicle will reach the intersection they are crossing can often get out of the way in time with a quick blast of the throttle. Or, they may be able to brake hard and stop just in time. Trucks take longer to speed up and longer to slow down.

They are taller

Imagine a day when the winds are unusually high on an exposed piece of road. The high-sided truck is much more likely to be blown over because it presents a greater surface area to the wind, and because taller vehicles have a higher center of gravity.

They are heavier

An out-of-control truck will roll much faster downhill than an out-of-control car. Mass also affects how much damage a vehicle will do when it hits something. Trucks are “massive” and therefore can destroy things in a way that a car will not.

They are higher off the ground

The trailers the truck cab pulls typically have room for low cars to slide under in collisions. Yet, few cars fit entirely, so any car that does end up underneath the side or rear of a truck is likely to have its top taken off or crushed which could easily kill those inside.

If a semitruck crashes into you, you will likely face massive medical bills, need considerable time off work and more. Understanding how to claim compensation will be crucial.