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Why some semitruck drivers are unfit to be on the road

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Semitruck drivers do not have the luxury of waking up after a full night’s rest and hitting the road after a hot meal. Most truckers are driving long hours, eating fast food, with an hour or two of sleep between jobs. Their declining health can impact how they drive and put you in danger when driving around them. 

You should know that a trucker’s health is not the only reason you may be in danger:

New truckers can be unqualified for the job

Driver shortages have caused the trucking industry to reduce the legal semitruck driving age to 18 years of age from the original 21 years of age. These drivers are only months away from being considered adults and have little driving experience. Yet, somehow these inexperienced drivers are now behind the wheel of heavy machinery around your average driver. A young trucker’s lack of training could cause more than a little traffic jam. They are more likely to cause serious injuries to everyone around them due to their lack of experience.

Big rigs often lack proper maintenance

Semitrucks are required by regulation to be put through inspection and maintenance. Problems with a semitruck are often overlooked in favor of keeping it on the road. This can result in a semi-truck dying on its route when poor maintenance is applied. A faulty semitruck is likely to put you in danger if it suddenly breaks down on a busy highway. 

There are many reasons why a semi-truck driver should not be on the road. A semitruck’s large size can do more than a little dent in your car. You may need to seek legal assistance if you find yourself the victim of a truck driving incident.