Month: February 2022

Spring slip-and-fall accidents are right around the corner

Slipping and falling is an unfortunate part of life. Even under the best conditions, it’s possible for someone to slip, trip and fall on stairs, while walking or while participating in an activity like grocery shopping or going to a restaurant. The spring has some slip-and-fall hazards that aren’t as prominent as in other seasons, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for them and to make sure you’re being cautious while entering or exiting buildings, using walkways or walking on local trails. Here are a few things to keep in mind. Spring slip-and-fall risks Spring is the time of year when...

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Why might a semitruck crash into you?

Any motor vehicle could cause a crash, yet semitrucks can cause crashes far more devastating than other vehicles because of their size. Their size can also make them more prone to crash. Here are some of the reasons to watch out for if driving around them: They are longer A truck driver cannot clear a junction as fast as shorter vehicles. Anyone on a motorcycle or in a car that misjudges how soon another vehicle will reach the intersection they are crossing can often get out of the way in time with a quick blast of the throttle. Or, they may be able to brake hard and stop just in time....

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Don’t let your grief keep you from filing a wrongful death claim

Losing a loved one suddenly will completely change your life. You will have grief to process over your unexpected loss. The suddenness of a car crash or a death related to a defective product can make the grief even harder to handle. People may have left things unsaid that haunt them for years. They will likely struggle with denial, which is an early stage in the grieving process where the brain has a hard time acknowledging the sudden change. They may experience profound depression and struggle with taking care of themselves and their families. The grief they experience might also prevent...

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